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So I’m drunk

So it is Saturday night and I am sitting in the house drunk.  Usually I would be in the club trying to talk to the next girl, but not tonight.  I am utilizing my time effectively.  I have come to… Continue Reading →

So one thing that I have learned… Women are a distraction

So… Fellas we need to understand, women are sometimes a distraction.  Notice, I said sometimes.  I say sometimes because some women are not necessarily a distraction.  Some women actually support your dreams and goals.  Some women actually make life stress… Continue Reading →

Update on my business

The last time I wrote on this blog I said that I was actively working on my new business.  Well, it is not entirely new, it is something that I’ve been doing in the past.  I’ve always built websites for… Continue Reading →

So actively working on a new business

So I have a new business that I have been actively working on.  This business actually has a lot to do with what I’ve done in the past.  As you know I am a software developer/web developer.  I also do… Continue Reading →

It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I wrote on this blog.  But a lot has been going on since I last wrote on here.  So the first and biggest thing that has been going on is my divorce is almost complete. … Continue Reading →

Government Assistance

It’s crazy how much government assistance is out there.  I just have to vent about this one.  Not saying that I am mad or anything, it’s just something that has been on my mind. So… My son’s mother (soon to… Continue Reading →

Getting serious

So despite all of my business ventures I have been working on, things have been pretty serious with my girlfriend.  We have actually been spending a lot of time with each other.  We actually been spending time with her kids,… Continue Reading →

Sometimes I get in a funk

I know we all have the days as to where we get in a funk.  It seems like everyone that comes in our path annoys the shit out of us.  Well… That’s how I feel today.  It seems as if… Continue Reading →

What a weekend

So a lot has transpired since the last time I wrote on here.  This was a long weekend!!!! Of course I hung out with my lady all weekend.  I think I am going to start calling her my little hot… Continue Reading →

The pussy that stays wet

So last night I went out with my girlfriend.  It was actually a good night.  She actually took me out.  I meet her friends, and her friends friends.  It was very interesting because she took me to dance salsa.  I… Continue Reading →

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