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We all have great ideas.  We just rarely act upon them.  Use this diary to keep track of your ideas.  All other users to comment on your ideas.  You may even find some like minded users.

Idea for business

So the reason why I love this blog is because I can jot down quick ideas that I come up with on the fly.  So in my business, the end goal is to have 100s of thousands of users in… Continue Reading →

So another idea

So I know that I have a lot of ideas, and I often times don’t act on them or I stop working that idea, but I have another idea.  Now this idea is not really a new thing.  So 2… Continue Reading →

Let the paint dry

Well I have completed goals 1 -7.  If you remember I wrote about my goals that I wanted to accomplish on my new site.  I said that I wanted, well this site will be the #1 site in my city. … Continue Reading →

Not playing around

So I wrote about the goal of my website in my last post.  Just want to give a status update on the progress.  So I have pretty much completed steps 1 – 4.  I will complete steps 5 and 6… Continue Reading →

Status of website

So as you remember I set myself a set of goals on my previous blog post.  Needless to say, I have completed goals 1 – 4 already.  Today, I will be working on the social media page.  I need to… Continue Reading →

Goal time for new site build

So not sure if you read my previous post, but I was talking about overhauling one of my sites and re-branding it.  I also was talking about how I start something and never finish it.  Well, I am actually making… Continue Reading →

So I’m making my first investment in a long time

So as you can remember from a previous post I wrote, I was thinking about digging in my purse, or in other words touching my savings account. Well… I did it.  Well I didn’t do it yet, but I am… Continue Reading →

Thinking about digging in my savings purse

So in a previous post, I wrote about fattening my purse, or increasing my savings account to $4,000 by September.  In short my goal was to add to my savings account, which I already have $1200 dollars saved, about $400… Continue Reading →

How technology changed dating forever

The dating world has definitely changed.  Technology is a big reason for that.  I remember when you actually wanted to go out on a date with a woman, it required a six step process. Build the courage to go up… Continue Reading →

OMG new idea!!!!!

Oh yes, I have a crazy idea. So in the current era dating has resorted to the internet.  No one actually goes up and ask for a woman, or even a male’s phone number.  I can’t tell the number of… Continue Reading →

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