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Page Diary allows you to keep track of your goals for you and others online to hold you accountable. It is always important for you to hold yourself accountable.

So I’m making my first investment in a long time

So as you can remember from a previous post I wrote, I was thinking about digging in my purse, or in other words touching my savings account. Well… I did it.  Well I didn’t do it yet, but I am… Continue Reading →

Thinking about digging in my savings purse

So in a previous post, I wrote about fattening my purse, or increasing my savings account to $4,000 by September.  In short my goal was to add to my savings account, which I already have $1200 dollars saved, about $400… Continue Reading →

Pessimistic Goals

So as you remember from my previous post, I set a short financial goal of saving $4,000 in my savings account.  The reason for this so that I can invest in opportunities.  I am basically trying to build my purse…. Continue Reading →

Start thy purse to fattening

So I am reading a interesting book.  I actually read this book when I was younger, but it’s been years since I have read it.  I am glad that I actually picked it up and started reading again.  The name… Continue Reading →

So here is a financial update

So here is my financial update for my financial accountability diary.  Today I spent about $91 dollars on my groceries for the week.  Now I have about $2,388 in my checking account.  If you remember my goal till the month… Continue Reading →

So I made up my mind

So I don’t know if I said it in previous post, but it is time for me to get back to me.  I used to have dreams and ambitions when I was younger but they started to dwindle away when… Continue Reading →

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