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Major update on business

The last I post was very dark.  I wrote about me going through some self reflection.  Well… I have been doing some self reflecting.  And I must say, I have come a long way.  I have majorly been focusing on… Continue Reading →

Barbershops!!! Keep doing what I am doing

So I wrote in my last post that I got my first client.  Well, this isn’t exactly my first client that I did a website for.  This is actually the first client I am going to implement my new business… Continue Reading →

So… Got my first client

Yes!!!!! I did it.  I actually got my first client for my new business.  You know what… I am not going to say I “actually got”, I am instead going to say I got my first client.  I visualized it… Continue Reading →

So I’m drunk

So it is Saturday night and I am sitting in the house drunk.  Usually I would be in the club trying to talk to the next girl, but not tonight.  I am utilizing my time effectively.  I have come to… Continue Reading →

So one thing that I have learned… Women are a distraction

So… Fellas we need to understand, women are sometimes a distraction.  Notice, I said sometimes.  I say sometimes because some women are not necessarily a distraction.  Some women actually support your dreams and goals.  Some women actually make life stress… Continue Reading →

Let the paint dry

Well I have completed goals 1 -7.  If you remember I wrote about my goals that I wanted to accomplish on my new site.  I said that I wanted, well this site will be the #1 site in my city. … Continue Reading →

Not playing around

So I wrote about the goal of my website in my last post.  Just want to give a status update on the progress.  So I have pretty much completed steps 1 – 4.  I will complete steps 5 and 6… Continue Reading →

Status of website

So as you remember I set myself a set of goals on my previous blog post.  Needless to say, I have completed goals 1 – 4 already.  Today, I will be working on the social media page.  I need to… Continue Reading →

Goal time for new site build

So not sure if you read my previous post, but I was talking about overhauling one of my sites and re-branding it.  I also was talking about how I start something and never finish it.  Well, I am actually making… Continue Reading →

One of my projects

So I know that I had an idea for a dating app, but I am going to have to put that on hold.  As you know from my bio, I am a developer.  I have a couple websites out there… Continue Reading →

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