The last I post was very dark.  I wrote about me going through some self reflection.  Well… I have been doing some self reflecting.  And I must say, I have come a long way.  I have majorly been focusing on my business.  The business is doing very well.  I mean I am killing it.  So I closed one restaurant already, going back to pick up the final payment Tuesday.  Then they will pay me a monthly of $600.  I’ve been working on closing barbershops, but that is a bit challenging.  Not sure as to why it is so challenging…  I mean I am completely waiving my initial cost and only asking them for a small monthly.  The monthly in which they will make 3 times over.  Not to mention, I am not asking them to pay me until they make money, which is in a month.  I made a video on FB that did pretty well, but still no results.  I mean the only results that I had was that I got three people to book and talk to me.  I will be pitching them, and I will try to get them closed.  Aside from the beauty industry, I closed another client.  This client works in the automotive industry.  He repairs cars.  I closed them initially for $400, but after a month, it will go up to $1K.  I also have an appointment Monday to talk to another Mexican restaurant.  This is a huge restaurant too!!!! I mean this is potentially a big client.  I actually got referred to him by my crossfit gym coach.  So this is a warm sale.  But still I have to make sure I go in there prepared.  I have to dress to impress, show him proof, and beat my competitor.  Oh, and did I mention he is already getting services from a company in New York.  He is not happy with that company, hence the reason why he is reaching out to me.  So all in all, this week was a good week.  I am in the positive.  Now on to the future, I just have to continue making calls, and prospecting.