So I wrote in my last post that I got my first client.  Well, this isn’t exactly my first client that I did a website for.  This is actually the first client I am going to implement my new business plan with.  The first client to pay me a high monthly.  The most that I got from my previous clients monthly is $150.  The thing is, they where only paying for hosting.  They weren’t really seeing any results from the monthly fee.  The only thing that they had was a website.  Traffic to those websites where very slow.

Well one of my previous clients is a barbershop.  Now his website is killing it.  I actually hooked him up free of charge.  He is actually the one that brought me my first high monthly client.  See that is the law of correspondence.  I did his site for free and he is returning the favor and bring me clients.  So I built his site pretty much free of charge, but I hooked him up with a booking system.  That booking system a lone has generated over $20K.  And this is only from $7 bookings.  Now he generated this in about a year, but still this is very good.  Not to mention, he is really the only one in his shop using the system.

Well I have a grand idea…

I can actually go to other barbershops and do the same thing for them.  I know that the system is proven, because it works for him.  I can show them what I did for him, and tell them I can do the same thing for them.  I wouldn’t actually charge anything to build the site, but I will charge a monthly.  I am thinking about charging about $200.   I don’t know any barber owner that would actually turn this down.

So let’s do the math.

I charge 10 barbers $200 a month.  That brings in extra income for me.equaling out to $2K a month.  And that is just barbershops.  Doing this does not take a lot of work.  It will take me about 1 hour to set up the site, and then I wouldn’t really have to touch it anymore.  Show them how to use it, and we are off to the races.  So now I am looking for my next barbershop client.  And I think I have one in mind.  Chop it up.