So I love this blog!!!! This blog allows me to express myself.  I get a chance to go back and look at what I wrote months ago.  So in my last post I wrote about my ex and how she sent me a text that broke my heart.  She didn’t believe in me.

It’s crazy because I read a post that I wrote 3 or 4 months ago, and the same thing happened with my other ex.  She left me, and I was blowing her up.  She did the same thing my current ex is doing to me now.  She is ignoring me!!!!

So the last thing I wrote about with my previous ex is that she would get back with her ex and things would revert back to there means.   Well… they actually did.  Things went back to the way they used to be.


One month down the line, she contacted me.  By this time, I had someone already.  I then blew her off and it drove her crazy.

My prediction is

My current ex is going to do the same thing.  Most likely she is either a lone, with her ex, or with some guy that she thinks with make her feel good.  Her problem is, she won’t feel good because she doesn’t feel good about herself.  I know this because this is the same woman that told me that she needed me.  What’s going to happen is, she is going to get with someone, and that someone with hurt her.  She will then come back to me crawling.  The sad thing about it is, I won’t want anything to do with her anymore.

That’s my prediction, so now let’s watch this play out.