Yes!!!!! I did it.  I actually got my first client for my new business.  You know what… I am not going to say I “actually got”, I am instead going to say I got my first client.  I visualized it in my head already.  I knew that I would soon get a client.  Now I am working on my second and third client.

So I closed this client at $1 for the website and $600 dollars a month.  I am actually going to push the monthly to $700 a month, or he can give me $2 for every sale online.  The reason why I would rather do the $2 for every sale online is because, I am confident that we are going to sale a lot of food on his website.  The way that I am going to market his site is genies.  I am just going to do the same thing I did for a previous client.  The process that I implemented for him works well right now.  The only difference is, I did his site for free, and I am not doing any marketing.

So now I am in the process of building his site.  Once I build his site, I will move on to the next process, which is marketing.  I want to market one product at a time and go from there.  The beauty about this client is, he is right next to my other client which is a barbershop.  I will cross market there customers to each other.  So all customers that come into the barbershop with receive a special offer for the restaurant and vice versa for the restaurant customers.  If the customers go to the restaurant, they will receive a special  offer for the barbershop.

This is a very exciting time for me.  My first $700 a month.  Now the restaurant did say they are going to try this out for a month, but I am pretty confident they are not going anywhere.  Once sales start coming in through the site, and once they see more customers coming into the restaurant, they will be stuck.  The beauty about what I do is, I add value to businesses.  Yes these business spend upwards of $1K with me, but they also yield results the fastest.  When I am complete with his site, he will see results within that week.  He will see customers coming into the restaurant to retrieve there offers.

Thing is, he is my trial customer.  When this works for him, I will be able to sale it to all other restaurants.