So the reason why I love this blog is because I can jot down quick ideas that I come up with on the fly.  So in my business, the end goal is to have 100s of thousands of users in my database that I can market to.  This is a asset to my business, and to other businesses.  I am building something that will bring me a lot of money and add value to the business in the future.  In adding value to the business, I will no longer need FB.  I will be able to market to my own database.  So right now I have about 600 or so people in my database.  I hope to have over 3K in the next three months.  I am accomplishing this, by using deals from other businesses to grow the database.  While using there deals, they are paying me to market them on FB and bring them customers.

So a idea I just randomly thought of is… I want to cross market for other businesses.  I want to give things away.  Whenever I send a text for one business, I can offer gifts from other businesses to drive traffic to other businesses.  I will drive business to every client within my circle.  Every business is being marketed by my businesses, which is a deal oriented business.

Another idea that I have is, I want to give things away.  So on my website, I put that I give free things away to different events around my area weekly.  Well, I will be sending free things to events to everyone.  The thing is, they don’t know that I sent it to everyone.  So when I give away these free things, the only thing that I will require from them is to make a video testimonial.

Thing is, everyone wants to know what is in it for me.  Everyone likes deals.  Everyone likes free shit.  And that is just what I am going to give them.  In doing this, this will drive them to open up more of my text that I send them.  This will gain more of there trust.  Yes, I may have to spend some of the business money, but it is worth it in the long run.

So later on in the future I will be able to go to different businesses and tell them that I have a database full of 100s of thousands of people that I can provide marketing too.  Now there is no longer overhead on my part.  I won’t have to use social media.  I will only have to use my database.  This also increases my brand.  Everyone in this city will know and trust my brand.

Just ideas 🙂