So it is Saturday night and I am sitting in the house drunk.  Usually I would be in the club trying to talk to the next girl, but not tonight.  I am utilizing my time effectively.  I have come to the conclusion that I am going to utilize my time better.  Yes!!!! I love pussy, but pussy can wait.  Not to mention, I had my baby mom over here earlier and I got my release.  lol.  Oh by the way… Did I mention that she is pregnant.  Oh it is not my baby.  It is here other baby daddy’s baby.  You know, the guy that she cheated on me with when we where married.  But enough about that.

Yes I am sitting in the house drunk.  I know what you are thinking though… How is that using your time effectively.  Actually, I have been training all night.  I have been working on my craft.  I have been watching this training that I purchased to help me improve my business.  Speaking of my business… Business is going very well.  I am currently running a campaign on facebook that is getting really good exposure.  People are actually clicking on my ad.  I spent about $40 on this ad, and I got about 30 subscribers.  Not to mention, I have two potential clients.  One client with pay me $1k for website development, and $600 a month (I will talk him up to $700 though).  Another client will be paying me $400 for web development, and $400 a month.  I know that is relatively cheap.  I have no idea what I was thinking when I created that proposal.  The good thing is, he will be spending his own money on advertisement.  This is kind of a test.  All in all I will be raking in a extra $1k a month.  This is pretty good.  I just started this business 3 weeks ago.  At this rate I expect to make about $10k a month by this time next year.

Yes I am sitting in the house drunk and training, but while everyone is out wasting there money, I am improving myself.  I am increasing my knowledge.  I will take over this city.  I have a vision in my head, and I won’t let anyone get in my way this time.  I am putting myself first.  This is for me and my son’s future.  The time for playing is over.