So… Fellas we need to understand, women are sometimes a distraction.  Notice, I said sometimes.  I say sometimes because some women are not necessarily a distraction.  Some women actually support your dreams and goals.  Some women actually make life stress free.  But, some women will have you losing your focus, only if you let them.  Women can either make or break you.  So as remember four months ago, I wrote about a woman that I met.  I felt as if she was the woman of my dreams.  Well, that was just a temporarily feeling.  As I started to get to know her more, I started to get away from myself.  I started to lose focus on my personal endowments.  I started to let her way of thinking influence me.  I don’t think that we where equally yoked.  It takes a strong man to actually be with a woman, and influence her.  It takes a strong man that knows who he is, to stay the course when he is with a woman that is not equally yoked.  But most of the time the relationship will not work because they counterparts do not share the same vision.

So it’s been four months since I met the woman of my so called dreams.  Remember… I wrote about her, and I said I met her in a club, and I felt as if she was the woman of my dreams.   All actually I still believe she is the woman of my dreams, but once again another woman has left me.  I guess I have come to the conclusion that I need to start holding myself accountable.  Towards the end of the relationship, I started to feel victimize and pass judgement on her, but in honestly, I believe that I was apart of the problem.  I mean she was everything a man could ask for.  She was no stretch perfect, but who really is.  Well enough about that.

It’s been three weeks since her and I have broken up.  Since then, I have put all of my focus on my business and my son.  My business is going very well.  I am closing a client on the 25th of August for $1000 up front cost and $600 a month.  This is actually my first client in this new business.  I see a bright future in this business.  My short term goal is to generate a $1000 a month revenue by September 15, 2017.  I will be very close to that goal.  My mid term goal is to generate $10,000 a month revenue.  My long term goal is to generate $15,000 a month revenue.  Right now, I am still in the beginning stages of the business.  I’m currently trying to find a process to acquire customers.  A process that I can use over and over again.  Once I find that process, I can use that process over and over again.

I guess it is good that me and my ex broke up.  I can now focus on my business and give it all my energy.  The time for change is now.  I will be successful and there is no one that is going to stop me.  I see my purpose in life, I have choose to serve something higher than myself.   I have choose to provide value in people’s lives.  The only way I can get ahead is by providing value in other’s life.  And that is exactly what I am doing.