So I know that I have a lot of ideas, and I often times don’t act on them or I stop working that idea, but I have another idea.  Now this idea is not really a new thing.  So 2 years ago I started a website that allowed users to post videos on my site.  The purpose of the site was to let people post whatever they wanted to with no limitations.  It allowed users to comment on other videos that was posted to the site.

Now that site actually did pretty well for a while.  I think I got it ranked to 7 million in the world.  Now if you think of how many websites are in the world, that is pretty good.  I mean there are 100s of millions of websites in the world.  My social media page was actually doing pretty good as well.  I got that page up to 2k likes.  I still have the social media page, but no longer have the domain name or the name of the site.  I let the domain name expire unfortunately.  Now it cost $8,000 to buy it back, when it should cost $10.  That is some bullshit.  Someone literally bought my domain name to resale it back to me.  That’s ok though.

So what now?

I want to restart my website again but call it something else.  I want to call it something that has to do with weird people in America.  Something that displays weird people and puts people on blast.  Honestly I don’t really care if anyone goes to the website.  This will be pure entertainment for me… and my girlfriend.

How did I come up with this idea?

Well my girlfriend and I have gone out several times.  Every time we go out we tend to people watch and she takes a video of people that are weird or is doing something stupid.  Usually this happens at bars.  But then I got the great idea of posting this online… I mean why not.  We seem to live in a world where people record everything.  Why not have a portal to where people can post these videos.