So I wrote about the goal of my website in my last post.  Just want to give a status update on the progress.  So I have pretty much completed steps 1 – 4.  I will complete steps 5 and 6 tonight.  I remember I gave myself to March 17, 2017 to complete steps 1 – 5, so I am still on schedule.

I’m really excited about this project.  In the last two days I have talked to a couple people that seem really interested in helping me market the site.

The first person I talk to is actually a long time friend.  Well… A little more than a friend.  Me and her have some history.  I’m hoping that our history won’t mess up business.  But aside from that she is really good at marketing and talking to people.  She is a full time entrepreneur.  My only fear with her is, her lack of focus.  She dabbles around with to many projects.  She has a bit of ADHD.  She even admits that.  I just hope that she can stay focused on my business.  She has a lot of influence on social media due to some events that just took place.  I think she could used that to her advantage.  She will be taking over the events section of the site.

The second person I talked to is a well known internet entrepreneur.  This guy makes bank!!!! If you googled his name you would see him every.  He pretty much flaunts his success online.  But I actually talked to him on the phone for a while.  He is really interested in what I am doing, and said that he would help out.  He has a lot of knowledge online because that is what he does.  We both actually used the same marketing platform to get customers.  When I talked to him on the phone, we both where speaking the same language in terms of business.  That’s the thing I have lacked lately, is surrounding myself around like minded people.  Whenever I did that in the past, I flourished.  But he will help with the social media aspect of the business.  He actually said he could decrease my marketing budget.

So those two people are going to be detrimental to the business.  Even if they don’t help, I am still pushing forward.  I will get this site off the ground and to higher levels.  I will run this city.