So as you remember I set myself a set of goals on my previous blog post.  Needless to say, I have completed goals 1 – 4 already.  Today, I will be working on the social media page.  I need to created a social media page for the new domain name.  My social media page will be a huge marketing tool.  Most of the traffic that comes to the site for the next 60 days will be from the social media pages.  I’ve already set my daily budget to $10 a day.  Here is the step by step process on how I will acquire customers via Facebook.

  1. Populate my page with content from the site.  Once customers come to the social media page, I want them to know they can find deals on the website.
  2. Get my page like count up to 200 people
  3. Market Facebook post once a week ($5 boost)

Now this is the testing phase so, there won’t be a lot of marketing yet.  Once I found a keyword that works, or a post that brings in the most like with a minimum investment, I will increase my daily investment.

Today I will also upload the new logo.  I still have the old logo on the site at the moment.  The new logo defines the city a lot better.  The goal of the logo is, I wanted to give the users a since of ownership.  I want the users to know that this site is exclusive to their city.

So the domain name that I am using is closely related to a #1 site in my city.  My fear is, that my site could possibly be ordered to be taken down.  Or I could be ordered to change the domain name.  I guess I could look at that in a positive way because that would mean that we grew big enough to be recognized by our competition.  This could also push a buyout.