So not sure if you read my previous post, but I was talking about overhauling one of my sites and re-branding it.  I also was talking about how I start something and never finish it.  Well, I am actually making pretty good progress on the site.  I bought the new domain name for the site.  The site will now be .org instead of .com.  I have also hired someone to recreate the logo.  I have also changed some things within the site to increase the user capabilities.

I am all in on this site.  I will not stop until this site is #1 in my city.  I want this site to be the #1 source to list, buy, sale, and market things.

So how will I accomplish this?

Well this is one of the most important things of this website.  I am going to type out my short term goals on this blog post.

1. Change all content and logos that relate to the old domain name

2. Optimize the site temporarily in preparation of domain name move

3. Switch the site over to the new domain name

4. Point old domain names to the new domain name

5. Inform everyone on old social media page that the site has been renamed (I am still up in the air about this one)

6. Create new social media page for the new domain name

7. Re optimize the site for google and other search engines

8. Market the shit out of the new site by creating Facebook ads, Google ads, flyers, and even billboards and cars.


I don’t want to go all crazy and spend to much for the site.  I want to go through a testing period to see what works and how many people convert from the minimum amount spent.  My starting budget is as follows.

Facebook – $10 per day for 10 days ($100)

Google – $5 per day for 10 days ($50)

Flyers – $50 for a pack of 500

Car advertisement – $100

There will be other ways that I will market.  But for right now this will be the testing phase.

Time Line

So the current date is March 13, 2017.  I am giving myself a deadline of March 17, 2017 to complete steps 1-5.  I am giving myself a deadline of March 24, 2017 to complete steps 6-8.  Of course marketing will continue.  Marketing will never actually stop.  I will have to come up with separate short term goal sheet for my Marketing strategy.  I will write more about that in another blog.  I will also write more on customer acquisition goals in a later blog.  But right now, I think this is a good starting point.