So I know that I had an idea for a dating app, but I am going to have to put that on hold.  As you know from my bio, I am a developer.  I have a couple websites out there now.  I’ve also developed websites in the past that has produced great numbers.   The thing with my websites though, is that there is no persistence in maintaining them.  I push out websites a lot, I push out at least 4 websites a year.  The thing with me though, is that I stop working on them after a certain amount of time.  I LOSE FOCUS!!!!

I have come to realize that if I just focus on one website at a time, I think I could do pretty well.  When I did this with one of my past websites, I made close to $100K in 6 months.  I have come to realize whenever I focus on a project, believe, and invest in a project, the project is often times very successful.

So what is the project?

The current project that I currently have is a website.  On this website, I enable users in my city to buy and sale things from each other by listing it on my website.  A user can list things like:

  • Things they want to sale
  • Things they want to give away
  • Jobs
  • Real Estate
  • Community

Now I know what you are saying… Isn’t this like craigslist?

Actually this is similar to craigslist, but my website has more of a social media feel.  Also, users are able to log on using there Facebook, well actually that is the only way they can log in.  This will actually give the user a since of security.  When they log in, I pull there user name, email, and profile picture.  The reason I do this is because, other users know that they are buying from a actual user.

This is also different from craigslist because, this website is exclusively for my city.  In which my city is one of the biggest cities in the US.  I will make this website the number one site in the city to communicate and barter things and services.  On this site, I will have events in my city, and I will pull in news feed regarding my city.  This will pretty much be a social page for my city.  Anything you need will be found on my site.

So that is my focus now.  Of course I am still building my purse and putting money away.  I am also still investing from my purse.  I can do those things with my savings because it requires no time at all.  But my main focus right now is on my website and building it.