So as you can remember from a previous post I wrote, I was thinking about digging in my purse, or in other words touching my savings account.


I did it.  Well I didn’t do it yet, but I am about to.  I just got paid and I put about $100 dollars in my savings which brings it up to $1300.  I am supposed to put $200 in there every paycheck, but I decided to only put $100 in there this time, because I am going to make my first investment.  So now I have $1300 in my savings account and I am going to take the other $100 and invest.

How much will I make??

Well the investment that I am making is not really risky because I have done it before.  I am importing products at a check price and selling the product at a discounted price.  So from my $100 investment, I should make about $110.  So in all I should be putting $210 back into my savings, which will bring me up to $1510.  Now this is very pessimistic, so I am pretty confident I will make that profit on my investment.  That’s about a 100% profit.  Back in the older days when I used to do this, I used to make 200% or 300% profits.

Of course I will try to sale the product for more, but worse case, I will only make a 100% profit.  Not to mention, this is new product so this is more of a test phase.  If this all goes well, I will definitely reinvest and do it again.  Then I will get to my goal a lot faster.