So in a previous post, I wrote about fattening my purse, or increasing my savings account to $4,000 by September.  In short my goal was to add to my savings account, which I already have $1200 dollars saved, about $400 dollars a month to get to $4000 by September.  This would then put me at $4000 in my savings account.

I wanted to do this, to increase my buying power for opportunities that may arise.

Of course I will continue to allocate $400 a month to my savings.

but what if I could grow my savings account faster?

So in the past I used to buy shoes for about $45 and sale them for 100% profit.  Sometimes I would sale them for more.  Now I know you ask, what happened to all that money I was making.


When I was selling the shoes, I was not putting any money away.  I would merely sale a few shoes and spend the money that I made.  I would not even put any money away. The reason why I was doing this back then was because, I had to take care of a family of 3.  My wife, my son, and her son (in which I thought he was my biological son, later found out that he wasn’t).

I was just trying to make ends meet.  Every profit that I made went to food and shelter.

But now…

I have learned what I did wrong.  All the money that I made should have went back into my savings.  I should have made that money work for me, and continue to work until I reached a goal.  I had no goal back then.

But now I have a goal

I will continue to allocated money to my savings from my business efforts.  Starting tonight I will do my due diligence on what shoes are currently hot in the market.  If I can get them at a discounted price, I will buy them and sale them at a profitable rate.  The rate will still be below the market price, so I and the buyer will both benefit from the deal.

Now before I dig in my purse

I need to find out where I can sale these shoes, and what shoes sale.  Also I need to undercut the market price point so I can assure that they sale.  I don’t want to lose any money.  Since this has already been tested in the pass, I am pretty confident that I can sale the shoes.  I just have to make sure that I am buying a demanding shoe.

I also want to work harder on developing websites for clients.  Believe it our not, that is where I made a significant amount of money.  I would usually do a site for a user for no less than $500.  And the thing is, these sites required minimum time.

The point is, is that I want to increase the size of my savings much faster, with minimum risk and that is what I intent to do.