Oh yes, I have a crazy idea.

So in the current era dating has resorted to the internet.  No one actually goes up and ask for a woman, or even a male’s phone number.  I can’t tell the number of women I met online.

The bad thing with this is…

Most of the women I meet have nothing in common with me.  I mean absolutely nothing.  I mean I usually fuck them, and then they go crazy.  lol.  And most of the time, I only talk to the because of there profile picture.

You see places like tinder, POF, eharmony, and especially Ashley Madison, all have something in common.


Meaning all people care about is how the opposite sex looks.  I mean, how many people actually read the profiles? Usually women will respond back to a man or vice versa, because of how the opposite sex looks.

And most of the time, this is the reason why most of the relationships on these sites don’t work.  I mean you go out a couple times, and waste your time because you think they are so sexy and you don’t even realize you two have absolutely nothing in common.


Well since I see that most relationships online don’t work due to superficial tendencies.  I think I will develop an app similar to tinder, but now users will be forced to read profiles.  I mean you will still be able to swipe right or left based on the profile of interest, but the only difference is, there will be no pictures.  The matches will be based on similar interest or similar dislikes.  Once you have a match based on similar likes or dislikes, you still will not be able to see your match’s pictures.

Now here is the catch

You will be able to see there pics two days later.  You see what this does is it forces you to get the know your match inter-personally.  So your judgement is not based of looks alone.  Your judgement will be based off of the users interest and dislikes.

So once pictures are actually revealed

The user will have the choice to continue to talk to the match or to discard the match.  Now most people will not discard there matches because you’ve already spend so much time and energy getting to know this match.

Now some users may savage there matches, but they will be back searching for more.

You see the problem with these dating platforms are men are not getting any play because these women standards are too high!!!!! This apps enables everyone’s standards to be realized.  And will hopefully revolutionize dating.

Now the only problem that I have about developing this apps is…


I can take the approach of building this app myself… but this will take forever because I have no knowledge of developing apps.  Now I could pay someone to do it, but I couldn’t do that at the moment.  I have about 3k in my name.  And I am not about to dig in my savings to do this… Not unless it is a guaranteed success.  So with that being said these idea may have to be put on hold for a few months until I build my account up to about 10K.  Then I have a bit more wiggle room.